Fishtail Palm - Caryota Mitis

  • Unique Look - Bipinnate leaves look like Fishtails

  • Ideal indoor plant for homes and offices

  • Stunning Gift Palm for all occasions

  • Easy care and Slow growing Palm


The Fishtail Palm has a unique look, thanks to its leaf design. Its rich green leaves, resemble that of a fishtail, as they are bipinnate in shape. The Fishtail is the only family of Palm with these stunning leaves. They are ideal for growing indoors, however they can be put outside during the late spring and into the warm summer months. Ideal for use as a feature plant in sunrooms, patios and conservatories, as well as for use in offices or restaurants. The palm is slow growing in nature, but grows out of several small trunks, making for an elegant and attractive full look. Fishtail Palms are thought to be a symbol of ‘the hands of gods’ due to their large drooping leaves.

Pot Size: 27cm

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