Citrus Tree Pyramid - Calamondin

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  • Brilliant gift – for Christmas, Birthdays etc.

  • Adds a refreshing scent – Sweetly Scented flowers.

  • Easy to care for – Limited maintenance needed.

  • Commonly used as an ornamental plant.


Beautiful Ornamental Plant.

The Calamondin Pyramid is a small mandarin fruit plant that is generally grown for ornamental purposes. It has dark green rounded leaves and small orange fruits. The plant is commonly used as a house or garden plant, often on the patio or in conservatories. It makes a brilliant gift for birthdays, Christmas and many other occasions. It has become a gift given during the Chinese New Year to signify good luck.


Perfumed scented flowers.

The Calamondin produces intensely perfumed flowers from March onwards. Fruit matures by November and can stay on the tree for more than six months. The fruits grow up to 4cm in diameter and have a very fine rind that becomes loose as the fruit ripens. The fruits can be processed into jam if you wish to put them to use.

A brilliant gift that will make a statement in anyone’s home or garden with its signature shape that can be easily maintained!


Product Details

Potsize - 17cm

Height (inc pot) - 70cm approximately.


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