Dwarf Plum Tree - Nancy Mirabelle


The Mirabelle de Nancy is a very nice and solid plum. It is a vigorous, upright variety producing heavy crops of classic, yellow small French plums. The incredibly sweet and stone free fruit ripens from white to honey yellow and are excellent eaten fresh or cooked. It is self-fertile and does not require a pollination companion.


Strengths and gardening tips:


  • Exclusive to UK

  • The fruit is cherry sized yellow plums, masses of them, which are ready from mid August to early September depending on weather conditions.

  • Ripe fruits will fall off easily and can be collected in the sheets. It regularly produces a large crop each year.

  • The plums can be eaten raw although the texture is not nearly as juicy as many other plum and greengage varieties. Their primary use is for cooking and they make excellent tarts and jams.

  • Growing your own fruit is educational, therapeutic, fun and also environmentally friendly - You won’t have to carry bags from the supermarket and there is no cost on mileage. They look great on the garden patio and also on balconies.


Height: 90cm

Pot size: 18cm


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