Blue Passion Flower - Passiflora Caerulea

  • Blue Passion Flower produces Exotic blooms - Stunning Looks

  • Ideal for covering walls and fences with its vigorous climbing.

  • Add some tropics to any home or garden, with this easy care Blue Crown Climber.

  • Flowers July to September, and thrives in a moist but well drained soil.

  • Frost hardy - Ideal as an annual plant or for container growth - Good for greenhouse and conservatory use.

The Blue Passion Flower is an evergreen climber with exotic looking flowers. This fast growing climber thrives on warm summers, in a full or partial sun location. Blue Passion’s flowering period is from July through to september, where large, slightly scented, white flowers with blue and purple central filaments.Following on from the flowering period, small apricot shaped fruits are produced.These fruits tend to be orange or yellow in colour and grow to around 4cm. Complementing these bright tropical shades, are its dark green and glossy lobed leaves.

Ideal for use as a house or container plant which allows for protection over the winter months. Blue Passion Flowers are frost hardy and thrive in a moist but well-drained soil. An added benefit is it’s vigorous climbing nature, making a simple and quick cover for any walls or fences, you wish to hide. An interesting yet tropical styled plant, ideal for many uses and occasions.

Pot 16cm

Height (inc pot) 75cm approximately


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