French Hydrangea - White, Pink or Blue Hydrangea Macrophylla

  • Classic cottage garden flowers - Large globes of flowers

  • Ideal for beds, borders, containers and as cut or dried flowers

  • Beautiful gift plant - Requires low maintenance

  • Best kept in Full to Part Sun, Blooms from Summer to Autumn, Frost Tolerant.

  • Magical colour changing flowers - Dependant on the Soil PH Levels.


This French Hydrangea is a popular garden shrub with large globes of flowers in shades of pink, white and blue. Hydrangeas are a low maintenance plant, flowering summer through to autumn. Ideal for use in beds, borders, containers and as cut or dried flowers. Producing pretty autumn colour and stunning leaf shapes, the Hydrangea is a classic cottage garden style. These French Hydrangeas are well known for their ability to change colour depending on PH soil levels. Those with blue or pink flowers tend to be blue in acid soils, pink in alkaline or a mauve in neutral soil conditions. However those with White flowers will remain white regardless of soil PH. An ideal gift plant for brightening gardens, homes and patios. This easy to care for flowering shrub will add a classic look with an exciting twist to any location.


Pink (Leuchtfeuer) - Pot 26cm, Height (inc pot) 60cm approximately.

Blue (Bela) - Pot 26cm, Height (inc pot) 60cm approximately.

White (Schneeball) - Pot 23cm, Height (inc pot) 50cm approximately.


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