Ixora Kontiki- The Jungle Flame plant

  • Easy to grow tropical shrub

  • Vibrant Hydrangea blooms that last all Summer

  • These plants don’t grow very tall, so are ideal to put alongside pathways

  • The Jungle Flame thrives in full sun or partial shade

  • Important plant within the Hindu religion

  • Attracts Butterflies to your garden

The Jungle Flame plant is an easy to grow shrub with Hydrangea-like heads of vibrant red, yellow, orange, or pink flowers.These plants don’t grow very tall, so are ideal to plant alongside garden pathways. These plants thrive in full sun or partial shade, and blooms continuously throughout the year. These plants are also seen as being important within the Hindu religion, as this plant originates from around Sri Lanka in India, where it is also called the ‘Indian Jasmine.’  This plant also attracts Butterflies.

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