English Ivy Pyramid

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  • Classic English Ivy with a modern twist.

  • Very easy to grow and virtually kill proof - Fully Hardy.

  • Indoor or outdoor evergreen plant - Ideal for borders, planters and raised beds.

  • Great for adding height and texture - Works well for framing objects.

  • Contrasts well against colourful backgrounds.


This classic English Ivy has been trained around a metal structure, to create a modern twist. English Ivy is very easy to grow as well as being almost kill-proof. It can be grown indoors or outdoors with no issues, it will survive winter frosts and cold spells (Fully Hardy). This Ivy will add shape and texture to your garden or home, with its trailing stems and glossy year round foliage. Ideal for planting straight in the ground or being kept in its planter, Ivy will add height to your borders or raised beds. The evergreen vines add interest and works well as a window or to frame objects. English Ivy will contrast well against colourful backgrounds or very straight bold lined areas.

Pot size 19cm, Height (inc pot) 70cm approximately.


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