Yucca Elephantipes Short Jewel Trunk – Stunning and Hardy, Exotic Gift or New Addition to Your Home, Garden or Office!

  • Spectacular plant with a funky exotic look.
  • Use as a bold feature in the garden or a design element for indoors.
  • Low maintenance, nearly no watering needed or any pruning.
  • Ideal plant will survive any winter, is fully hardy up to -12C.
  • Pot Size 20 cm


Little Care and to the point

Yucca Elephantipes 'Jewel' - A very fast growing Yucca with multi-heads of green and cream variegated, sword-shaped leaves. The leaves of the Yucca Elephantipes are less sharp than other varieties of Yucca, they are also pretty tough.  For example you won’t be able to rip them with your fingers.


Exotic Addition to Your Home

Enjoys full sun light and very easy to care for, recently this variety of Yucca have been known to make a luscious house plant. A shorter trunk than other varieties, however this will grow and resemble an elephant’s foot. The Yucca can be the perfect addition if you are looking for an eye-catching feature for any home.

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