Organic Fast Grow Seaweed Plant Fertiliser (10kg)

  • Multi-purpose- can be used anywhere in your garden

  • Great easy carry handle to help with mobility

  • Creates more buds on plants, therefore there will be more crops/flowers

  • The seaweed in the fertiliser contains over 70 minerals, vitamins and enzymes, encouraging rapid growth

  • Can be used to increase the shelf life of crops if used just before harvesting

  • Chicken manure gives your plants calcium to help remove toxins from your soil


This excellent all round fertiliser can be used anywhere in your garden (flowers, roots, fruiting trees, hedging, vegetables etc) and gives excellent results. Seaweed has been used in coastal gardens for many years, and can be used to increase the shelf life of fruit and veg crops, and can promote the growth of more buds on various types of plants. The seaweed  has over 70 minerals, vitamins and enzymes in it, and the chicken manure can give your plants much needed calcium, and reduces aluminium toxins in your soil. Kickstart your garden today the organic way.




Vegetables: Apply 150g per square metre to seed bed and mix with soil prior to planting


Following planting: Apply 150 per square metre ever 6-8 weeks or as required. Ideally suited for establishing any new plants including bare-rooted roses. Apply 100g per plant to base of hole and cover with 1-5cm soil. Suitable for all year application on all plants.

Assists your garden and plants through harsh conditions.


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