XL Package Tape or Dispenser - Big Tape.

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  • 48mm x 150m rolls - High tack, low noise adhesive.
  • Available in Fragile, Clear and Brown.
  • Big Tape Hand Dispenser - with dual core adapter, safety retractable blade and adjustable brake control.
  • Ideal for everyday use in the home and work environment - High quality packing tape.
  • Available in a pack of 6 of box of 36 rolls.


These Big Tapes are high quality polypropylene packaging tape, with a high tack low noise adhesive. Ideal for everyday use with both the home and work environment. Big Tape saves space, time and money. Requiring less storage space and less roll changes due to the 150m roll length. This helps to increase productivity as less time changing rolls will interfere.

  • Each roll is 48mm x 150m.
  • Available as a pack of 6 rolls or a box of 36 rolls.
  • Available in Clear, Brown or Fragile designs.


Big Tape Dispensers are also available. These hand dispensers have a safety retractable blade and adjustable brake control. They also have a dual core adapter, meaning they can work with standard tape rolls (76mm diameter cores, 48mm x 66m rolls), along with the Big Tape Rolls.


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