Firecracker - Crossandra fortuna

  • Perfect for adding colour - Vibrant orange flowers.

  • Long bloom time - Spring through to fall.

  • Easy to grow and care for.

  • Lovely gift for homes and offices.

  • Elegant decorative flowering shrub.


The firecracker flower is a very decorative yet compact flowering shrub. They are a popular choice of plant because of their bright coloured flowers and long time of growth. Firecracker’s have glossy green leaves with vibrant orange flowers making them excellent for adding colour to any home or garden. They will bloom for months on end, from spring through to fall. However they will be an outstanding addition all year round because of their evergreen elegant leaves. Firecrackers are brilliant plants for growing in planters or as a houseplant. They are very easy to grow and care for, so are an ideal choice as an elegant plant. Traditionally the flowers are often used as necklaces or hair decorations. Firecrackers will produce many beautiful flowers making them a lovely gift for homes and offices.

Pot Size 13cm, Height 20cm.


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