small contemporary mint square planter plus Lemon tree..


*Simply and effortlessly adds design. Plants and pots make the process of buying a plant and pot quick and easy. There is no need to hunt round to find a matching pot and plant as you can buy them together, saving you time and money. Plants with pots provide a very simple and effortless way to add a design that will be attractive in all places. This planter will add a subtle colour to your home, work place or garden with its sleek style. *A spectacular looking gift. This planter with olive tree makes a brilliant gift for Christmas, birthdays, new home, weddings and many more occasions. It makes the process of buying a gift simpler as we have done the hard work of pairing plants with suitable pots for you! So whether you are looking for a gift for a relative, friend or even yourself, plants with pots are perfect. *Pick when you're ready! The Lemon has pretty white flowers, vibrant green leaves, and luscious lemons. Their leaves, flowers and fruits have a lemony fragrance, giving a fresh and clean appeal to rooms and gardens. It is an easy to grow plant. The plant is already matured with fruits. Unlike most fruit trees, the lemon tree is designed to allow you to keep the fruits on the tree for more than 6 months - so you can pick it when you want to use it. There are many uses to lemons, from using in cooking and baking to making lemonade or using for cleaning. A plant you really can't go wrong with.

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