Korean Rock Fern

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  • Ideal for use in borders, rockeries and planters

  • Provides texture and colour year round - Evergreen Fern

  • Glossy green leaves with contrasting stems

  • Very easy to grow. Will withstand winter frosts outdoors - Fully Hardy.

  • Available individually or as a trio set.


Korean Rock Fern is a small evergreen fern which is a versatile and well behaved plant. This Fern has glossy green leaves that contrast against its black stems and delicate dark veining. The Korean Rock Fern is perfect for growing in rock gardens, shaded borders or as a container plant. Although this Fern is able to withstand cold winter weathers, it is often kept indoors or grown in greenhouses during the colder months. A stunning small Fern that will add colour and texture to your Garden or home all year round.

Pot size 11cm. Available individually or as a trio set.


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