Dracaena mix - Plug Plant

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This collection of mini Dracaena plants is an ideal way to start your collection of plants, requiring little care these are great for all to grow. Their small size makes them perfect for use on windowsills, desks, shelves and more. They can also make a wonderful gift set for any occasion with our gift wrap and message options. All plants are in 6cm diameter pots.

Options to purchase are a pair or trio of a specific plant variety or a set of 3, 5 or 7  from the plants listed. This set will be selected randomly, please contact us prior to ordering for any special requests.


Dracaena Marginata - Madagascar Dragon Tree

The Madagascar Dragon Tree is one of the easiest indoor plants to grow and maintain. They can become a great focal point for rooms, with their attractive colourful foliage.They are tough, drought tolerant plants which will flourish with little care.


Dracaena Sanderiana Victory -  Ribbon Plant

The Ribbon Plant is a popular Feng Shui plant. The leaves are widely spaced along the upright stems, giving the plant an open, airy appearance.


Dracaena Deremensis - White Jewel

The White Jewel is a compact evergreen plant, with variegated dark green, white and light green leaves. It is a very tolerant plant, making it ideal for offices, homes and shops.


Dracaena Dragon tree - Dragon Tree

The Dragon tree is a very popular indoor plant, that can easily adapt to home and office environments. It’s compact and tidy looks make it perfect to refresh the look of anywhere.


Dracaena Lemon Lime Surprise

The Lemon Lime Surprise has brightly coloured yellow and green striped leaves. It needs little watering, making it great for people who travel a lot. It is an excellent plant for brightening up any room.


Dracaena Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a gift to last! They are said to bring luck and fortune to your loved one when given as a gift. They are a very beautiful plant to have in your home and said to improve Feng Shui.


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