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  • Alocasia x Amazonica

Miniature Amazon Elephant's Ear


Brand: Best4Garden

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Product Description


  • Stunning White Leaf Markings against very dark green leaf background.

  • Miniature Size makes this Tropical Plant perfect for Windowsills, Desks and Shelves.

  • A delightful decorative gift plant for any occasion.

  • Excellent for Kitchen or Bathroom windowsills - Elephant’s Ear will thrive in the humid air.

The Amazon Elephant’s Ear is a very striking miniature plant. This Miniature Plant will add a tropical touch to any setting it is added into, providing a wonderful gift or room decoration. The small size makes this exotic plant ideal for use on windowsills, desks and shelves.


Strengths of Amazon Elephant’s Ear:

  • Season of Interest: All year round.

  • Structured leaves with wavy texture, resembling Elephant Ears.

  • Dark green, almost black leaves with vivid white markings. Contrasting pale pink stem.

  • Adds a decorative exotic look to anywhere

Growing Tips


  • Uses: Indoor houseplant, Windowsills, Bathrooms and Kitchens.

  • Maintenance: Easy Care, suitable for all.

  • Hardiness: Not Hardy (Protect from all cold weathers)

  • Soil Type: General Composting Soil

  • Location: Bright Light with no Direct Sun.

  • Watering: Keep soil moist spring through fall when plant is actively growing. Water sparingly in winter, allowing soil to become almost dry between waterings.


Supplied Plant information:

Pot size 6cm.