Dwarf Aloe Ceramic Trio

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  • Simple yet modern design - Ideal as a decorative home addition.

  • Christmas Stocking Gift Plant - Dwarf sizing makes them ideal for windowsills, shelves and tables.

  • Completed Gift Set - Comes with matching drainage trays to catch water.

  • Delivery in first week of December or before, please request if you require it before. Item can be delivered straight to recipient with Christmas gift wrap and message. Alternative gift wrap options are also available.

  • Plants are covered by our 100% guarantee - Items are dispatched from us in perfect condition and our guarantee means we ensure you receive items in the best condition or we will replace/refund the item.


This Dwarf Aloe Trio in Ceramic pots is the ideal gift for Christmas. As an easy to care for plant, anyone is capable of looking after the Dwarf Aloe. It’s simple yet modern pots make them an excellent decorative plant for windowsills, shelves and more. The Dwarf Baker Aloe has a festive bronze-green coloured leaves with speckles of white. It’s evergreen leaves grow in a rosette style. Dwarf Aloe comes as a trio set in glazed black ceramic pots with matching drip trays provided. A gift not just for Christmas, but for many years.

Pot size is 6cm.


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