Footstool palm - Livistona Rotundifolia

  • A striking feature plant.

  • Adds an exotic feel to any home, office or garden.

  • Very adaptable to indoor or outdoor conditions.


Very attractive and adaptable palm.

The Livistona is commonly called the Round Leaf Fan Palm. It is a very attractive plant because of its broad, glossy leaves and slender trunk. The leaf stalks are as many other palms, slightly spiked and divided. This is then followed by cream flowers in summer which then lead to bright red fruit that ripen to black. The Round Leaf Fan Palm is a strong house plant, which is easy to grow. It is one of the most adaptable palms to indoor conditions.

Add an exotic look to your home or office!

The Fan Palm is often used for gardening and landscaping but is equally suited to being planted in containers, making them great as indoor decoration. This very decorative Fan Palm adds an exotic look to homes and offices. They are great for using as a feature plant, place it in your living room or hallway for a striking impact.

Pot Size approx. 14cm, Height approx. 40cm. 

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