Song of India Dracaena

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  • Popular Highly Decorative Plant - Striking Visual Effect.

  • Beautiful Bold Leaves - Yellow Stripes.

  • Great as a feature plant in offices and hallways

  • Cleans and Purifies your Air from Toxins.

  • Guaranteed Delivery and Satisfaction.


The Dracaena 'Song of india' plant has whorls of yellow-banded green leaves spiral upright, Its compact form and slow growth make it an ideal accent for a pedestal plant stand. The care for this plant is easy, This Dracaena thrives in normal room conditions, even tolerating dry indoor air. It will survive in low light, but you'll get the best leaf colour and growth by keeping this tropical in bright light year-round. A must have for the modern home.

Height: 60cm

Pot Diameter: 27cm

Position: Partial Sun/Partial Shade


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