Surprise Star Calathea - Prayer Plant

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  • Striking Markings - Purple outlines on Dark green leaves

  • Ideal for Bathrooms, Hallways and Kitchens

  • Air Purifying - Removes common toxins and lets out oxygen

  • Tropical beauty that will suit any office or home environment.

  • Thrive best when grown in bright indirect light and in high humidity.


The Calathea Roseoptica “Surprise Star” is an attractive houseplant, with striking markings. It has purple markings on dark green leaves, with a dark purple on the bottom side of the leaves. Surprise Star is the perfect plant for those darker areas of your home, such as the hallway or bathrooms. Often referred to as a prayer plants, the Calathea’s leaves fold upwards during the night, resembling hands folded in prayer. They are also an excellent addition to your home or office because of their air purifying ability. As part of the air purifying plants, they remove common toxins from the air and in turn release clean oxygen back into the air. Calathea Surprise Star is a stunning tropical houseplant, belonging to the Maranta Family. They thrive best when grown in bright indirect light and in a high humidity atomosphere.


Pot size 14 cm. Height (inc pot) approximately 45 cm.


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