Greenball Red planter and Myrtle


Contemporary, colourful, creative. Treat yourself, friend or a relative to a gift that will add a refreshing look and instantly uplift any place you wish. Its just the right thing for adding a splash of colour to any room, garden or work place. Appropriate for everyone no matter their style or taste. Myrtle (Myrtus Communis) is a beautiful plant with elegant dark green aromatic leaves, fragrant snow white flowers followed by purplish-black berries. Makeover your garden, home or workplace. If you want to give your garden or home a makeover or simply have a fetching addition to go with all your current plants then the Myrtle is your answer. It will bring your garden or home to life with its aromatic scent, vibrant colours and unique textures. It is an easy to grow plant that can be grown in almost any soil and only needs a very limited amount of shaping. Traditionally Myrtle is used in bridal boutiques around Europe, so will make a great wedding gift!One design, endless possibilities. Greenball is a funky, colourful and versatile way to display plants, allowing you to create a unique look instantly. It has simple assembly which allows for no restrictions on where you grow your plant; from the ceiling, fixed on the wall near a window, or on your desk/shelf and you can switch between them to refresh the place. The 3 fixtures provided are Ceiling hanger, Wall hanger and Table base. Greenball and plant the perfect gift, for all those after something thoughtful and useful.

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