Mini Zanzibar Gem - Jurassic Plant

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  • Easy care plant, that thrives on poor conditions - Tolerates drought and low light conditions.

  • Ideal for Jurassic park and Dinosaur lovers

  • Uniquely shaped tropical foliage

  • Excellent for adding interest to offices, restaurants and homes.

  • Very glossy green leaves add a refreshing touch


The Zanzibar Gem is a wonderful prehistoric plant, that can be looked after by anyone. Having been around since the Dinosaurs, the plant fits in with the theme of Jurassic Park. The ZZ Plant is a very easy to care for plant, that can tolerate low light conditions.

A very popular indoor plant that is grown around the world for its prehistoric looks. The Zanzibar Gem has a unique shape, where the base of the plant stalks are swollen. From the stem are dark green, naturally glossy leaves providing a dramatic tropical look. Though the ZZ Plant can thrive on poor care and low light, it will present its best when kept with bright, indirect light and given water only when completely dry.

Overall this Gem will give be a delight to own, as it will tolerate all care. This fresh looking plant will be at home kept in an office or restaurant as well as in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or windowsill.

Pot size 6cm.


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