Mixed cactus set - Complete with terracotta pots

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  • Complete with free terracotta pots for each cactus-can place where you like straight away

  • This plant needs water rarely, as cactuses are easy to care for

  • Blooms beautiful bright flowers around the crown of the cactus when they mature

  • Ideal gift for a loved one, a friend or a work colleague, a perfect way to start your cactus collection

  • Great for an office plant, for your windowsill or anywhere in your home


This cactus set comes with in terracotta pots, so you can put directly onto your windowsill, office desk, or wherever you wish. These succulents need water rarely, making them very easy to care for. There a variety of shapes in this set, which will eventually bloom beautiful bright flowers. These cactuses would make a great gift for a loved one, a friend or a workmate.

Pot size 7cm, Height (inc pot) 15cm approximately.

Available as a set of 3, 5, 10 or 20.


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