Sinocrassula succulent plant in a pot

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  • Eye-catching dark green and purple clumps of leaves

  • Easy to care for- needs to be in a well lit area- great for on a windowsill

  • This plant grows pretty little white flowers in the Autumn

  • A very popular houseplant for 2016- fashionable

  • Makes a great gift for friends, family or work colleagues


Pot: 9 cm

This unusual succulent has eye-catching dark green/purple clumps of leaves with short white hairs. It also grows pretty little white flowers in the Autumn. Succulents are easy to care for, and looks great with minimal effort. The Sinocrassula likes being in a well or partly lit area, so will be perfect on a windowsill. Succulents are a very popular houseplant this year, and would also make a great gift for a friend, a loved one or a work colleague.


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