Mealy Cup Sage Blue - Salvia Farinacea

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  • Classic deep blue flowers - Summer flowers

  • Ideal as an annual bedding or container plant

  • Excellent gift for any occasion

  • Grey-tones leaves - subtle contrast to green borders

  • Hardy and easy to care for


Mealy Cup Sage is known for its lance-shaped leaves and sturdy flower spikes. The Mealy Cup Sage is an annual plant, that is most often grown as an upright perennial. It is an ideal container plant, adding some colour and texture to any container mix. The Sages leaves are elongated and with slight serrations, however they are not thick or fuzzy like most varieties of sage. Its leaves have a grey tone to them, especially on the underneath, providing a neutral tone that adds that little extra against green foliage. Mealy-cup sage provides the classic blue tones, of deep violet-blue flowers, in dense spikes. These tend to bloom around June to September, forming a shrubby plant, which is hardy to -5℃. Sage is also an excellent solution to keeping your garden in bloom throughout the summer, and while tall enough to be impacting, it won’t interfere with other plants. Add a splash of colour with this distinctive plant, which makes a beautiful gift for any occasion.


Pot size: 11.5cm


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