Metallica Palm - Miniature Fishtail Palm

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  • Tough resilient palm - Adds tropical charm to any room.

  • Very easy to grow with low light requirements - Ideal for commercial settings (shop, office, restaurant).

  • Dark Metallic Foliage - Blue Green shaded leaves.

  • Wide fishtail like leaves - Simple yet stunning.

  • Exotic indoor Palm - Stunning gift for new homes and Birthdays.


Metallica Palm is a tough resilient palm which will add charm to any room of your home or office. This Palm is a very easy to grow and has low light requirements, making it ideal for commercial settings (such as offices, restaurants and shops). Often also named the Miniature Fishtail Palm, this tropical looking palm has a dark metallic blue-green sheen, covering its foliage. It also has wide fishtail like leaves, which are undivided and notched at the tip,  branching off its single stemmed. An ideal exotic indoor palm tree, which also makes a stunning gift for new homes and birthdays.

Pot size 14 cm, Height (inc pot) 45 cm approximately.

Available as individual plants or set of three.

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