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Dual Tumbling Composter

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Brand: Best4Garden

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Product Description

  • Dual compartments for more efficient use of home and garden waste.

  • Effortless turning - Self-Turning, Tumbling feature.
  • Easy to assemble.

  • Aeration system and mixing bars to speed up composting process.

  • Heavy Duty for year-round use.

  • UV Protected.


The easy, painless way to compost.


This dual chamber tumbling composter is perfect for everyone wishing to produce their own fast free compost at home, school or work place. It is built with the mechanism of recycling the rubbish within the tumbling composter chamber itself. The simple locking system of the composter helps facilitate effortless turning of the compost heap, which makes the composter light and easy to use, so is suitable for all to use. Moreover, the dual chambers of the composter allow for a more efficient use of home and garden waste.


Speed up the process of composting.

The internal aeration of tumbling composter accelerates the process of composting, so the entire composting process is finished within just 3-4 weeks, saving time on the usual 9 week process. It also saves you the hard work of using the lengthy process of turning garden and kitchen waste into compost, with its practical way to combine it all together. The composter also has mixing bars to stimulate the decomposition process.


Clean, all year round composter.

The dual tumbling composter provides a much cleaner process to composting. The previous mess of owning a compost heap can all be contained within the composter. The composter is easy to assemble and is a heavy duty composter for use all year round. It also has a UV protective covering. The contained compost heap means that common composting issues, such as flies and rats can be eliminated.


Product details:

2 x 70 L

Product dimensions (cm/inch):

L: 95.0 / 37.4

W: 60.0 / 23.6

H: 82.0 / 32.3

Product Weight (Kg/Lbs):

9/ 19.8

Product Videos

DualChamber Tumbling Composter 2x70Liter Assembly 11:04

Dual Chambers Tumbling Composter 140 Liter - Dual compartments for more efficient use of home and garden waste. - Easy to assemble. Aeration system to speed up composting process. - Heavy Duty all-season construction for year-round composting. - Mixing bars, which accelerate, the decomposition process, are included. - UV Protected Speeds up composting – saves effort in turning backyard waste into compost. Internal aeration accelerates process to make compost in 3-4 weeks Compost is nature’s way of recycling and the benefits of compost are many. Composting reduces the amount of organic waste that goes into trash collection and landfills. Compost contains a full range of essential plant nutrients and decrease need for fertilizers. Compost alters soilcomposting, making it less likely to erode and easier to work.

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