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Oriental Black Bamboo Fence Panels

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Product Description

  • Bamboo Cane fence - Ideal for gardens - It looks fantastic, neat and tidy.

  • Tough fence that will last much longer than a normal fence.

  • It comes with on a wooden frame making it easy to install.

  • Adds an exotic/tropical look - ideal for oriental gardens.


Giant Black Bamboo Panels are constructed from easily sustainable sources and are more durable than the conventional wooden fencing. These sturdy yet appealing bamboo cane panels can be used to create attractive fences for your garden, as screening for pools, patios, decking and balconies, or as flattering backdrops for garden/water features, and more besides.

Perfectly suited for oriental or tropical themed gardens, the bamboo screen panels are also a great addition to any scene, both indoors and out. Sustainable beautiful Giant bamboo poles, or 'culms', are harvested from the root clumps every 5-7 years without uprooting the clumps, allowing the plant to replenish over time and resulting in a resource more easily sustainable than timber produced from conventional forestry. As well as offering a touch of the exotic to any garden, pool or other feature, you can enjoy the peace of mind provided by these environmentally friendly production methods.

They are more durable than wooden fencing, lasting up to 10 years with a manufacturer's recommendation of retreatment every 2 years. Tied to hardwood backing by coconut hessian rope and securely affixed by steel screws Specifications (per panel): • Height: 180cm • Width: 90cm • Thickness: 5-6cm.

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