Light and Easy to Build Raised Garden Bed with Cover – Echo Friendly and Movable, Protect your Crop and Create your own Micro-Climate for your Plants!

  • Assemble in minutes.
  • Light and moveable made with durable materials.
  • Raised bed comes with cover, no more losing your crops to pesky pests or spending hours on your
  • knees!
  • Product Dimensions L58cm W28cm H12cm.

Easy Assemble

Easy to build light kit, add another aesthetically pleasing dimension to your garden in a matter of
minutes! Moveable and removable. A raised bed for slightly warmer soil, also this comes with a
protective cover- as a result enjoy a longer season of growing. 



Another benefit of the raised bed and cover prevents your crops and plants from being made into
a daily meal from all the pests that reside in your garden. Echo friendly, green, boards are double
wall, therefor insulated better and creating a micro environment for your plants, with better humidity
and exposure to the sun.


No More Spending Hours on your Knees

The raised bed makes for easier access, if the soil needs changing this makes for an easy job - no more
need for kneeling down to tend to your garden! Enjoy a better and bigger quality of crop without the extra work.
Excellent for the organic grower, no pesticides needed!

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