Special Romantic Valentine Gift for Her Anthurium Beautiful House Flower Red or White with Ceramic Heart Shaped Pot

  • Beautifully heart shaped flowers
  • Ceramic Heart Pot.
  • Pot size 7cm


Heart Shaped Flowers

These delicate flowers come in a charming heart shaped ceramic pot, with 3 different coloured pots available,

collect the set! The ceramic pot draws attention to the beautiful heart shaped flower leaves and potent spathe.

Order now and create beauty with ease!



Easy Care Love

Easy to care for and known in the wild to grow in most terranes, the Anthurium, also known by several other

common names including the Lace Leaf. This beautiful waxy looking flower is most commonly found in different

shades of red, however varieties have been cultivated in white. Anthurium in Greek translates to tail flower.

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