Orange bird of paradise - Fake Flowers

  • Stunning bright orange flowers - Fake flowers supplied for year round blooms

  • Tropical easy grow plant - Ideal for Conservatories, balconies and patios

  • Exotic gift for special occasions - Weddings, Birthdays, Thank you’s etc.

  • Large Banana-like leaves

  • Best kept in bright light and protected from Cold winter months


The Bird of Paradise is a stunning plant with large banana-like leaves in grey-green tones. Known for its outstanding flower blooms, compared to the feathers on a Cranes head, this plant is actually easier to grow than most tropical plants. Bird of Paradise is an evergreen perennial, which can reach up to 1.5m in height. Flower blooms emerge from a beak-like spathe in vibrant orange and blue tones. A stunning gift plant, that can be added to any home or office environment for an instant tropical twist. During the warm summer months, it will be a great addition to a sunny balcony, patio or conservatory.


Although this tropical beauty usually takes up to three years to start producing its own flowers, the ones supplied have a fake flower to provide lifelong blooms. This means that you are guaranteed to have flowers year round. If the plant is given optimum conditions, it can naturally flower multiple times a year after the first three years. This plant prefers to be kept in bright light and needs protecting during the winter months. During the summer months this plant can be kept outdoors, so it is worth finding a complementing coloured pot, to allow for easy movement.


Pot size: 11cm

Height approximately: 30cm


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