Peppermint Herb - Mentha Piperita

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  • Distinctive minty aroma

  • Grow your own herbs - Commonly used in mint sauce, tea and confectionery

  • Very easy to grow and fully hardy - can be kept outdoors all year

  • Ideal for kitchen gardens, window boxes and allotments

  • Reddish Green leaves with contrasting lilac flowers - flowers late summer


The Peppermint plant is a popular herb with a distinctive aroma, producing lilac flowers during the summer months. Peppermint has reddish-green stems and toothed oval shaped leaves, which create a stunning contrast against the lilac flowers. An easy to grow and fully hardy herb, which produces a strong minty flavour. Peppermint is commonly used in mint sauces, teas and to flavour sweets and toothpaste. This herb is known for its tendency to spread, making it popular for planting in containers or pots, where it will thrive when kept well watered. However some prefer to grow it in the ground, where root barrier prevents the spread of roots.


Two size options:

Small: 10.5cm

Large: 12cm


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