Polka Dot Plant - Hypoestes Phyllostachya

  • Stunning two-tone foliage - Splattered leaf effect

  • Popular for use indoors and outdoors - in beds, borders and containers.

  • Ideal colourful addition to any room or garden - Fabulous gift plant for all occasions!

  • Small size is ideal for display on shelves, bookcases, windowsills or desks.

  • Please note that only one plant is supplied and colour may vary from those shown, depending on stock.


The Polka Dot plant is a tropical foliage plant, popular as a decorative houseplant and as an annual for outdoor planting. Polka Dot plants are small evergreen shrubs with thin ovate leaves, covered with colourful spots. This stunning foliage is the ideal for brightening borders or for contrasting containers. Its splattered leaf effect makes for a very unusual and attractive plant!

Pot size: 6 cm


Care tips:

The Polka Dot or Hypoestes Phyllostachya is best when kept in plenty of non direct sunlight. When kept outdoors be sure to protect from hot sun, as this can cause the leaves to curl and develop brown marks. If the plant is kept in low light, then the leaves may display as a solid colour.


The supplied plant will be similar to one of those shown in the image: Light green with dark green markings, deep red with green marking or pale pink with light green markings. Please note that only one plant is supplied and the colour will depend on stock availability.


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