Rare Malaysian Orchid - Showy Medinilla

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  • Tropical feature plant, sure to catch people’s attention - Excellent for homes and businesses.

  • Malaysian Orchids are ideal for use in conservatories, bathrooms and greenhouses.

  • Stunning flowers - Small grape like pink flower bunches and Coloured leaves (Bracts)

  • A wonderful Gift Plant for any occasion - From Mother’s day to Thank you.

  • Rare gem of the plant world - Hard to find but a treasure to own.


This Rare Malaysian Orchid is a real gem of the plant world. It’s unique yet tropical looks make this a sought after plant that's hard to come across. The Orchids showy looks make it an ideal feature plant for entrances, homes, offices and more! Malaysian Orchids are a stunning and eye-catching plant, with their stunning flowers and dark green foliage. These Orchids are evergreen shrubs when kept in a warm, humid environment (ideal for conservatories, bathrooms and greenhouses).

Malaysian Orchids have strikingly large pendulous flowers which are regarded as one of the plants most remarkable features. The flowers are made up by clusters of small pink flowers, which resemble clusters of small grapes. These are surrounded by larger pink bracts (coloured leaves), giving the appearance of petals. To complete the Orchids exotic looks, it has large ribbed leaves, in a deep green with a glossy-wax look to them.

An ideal plant as gift for tropical collectors, or simply for use as  a stunning indoor decorative plant. A special flowering plant that is sure to suit any occasion or setting, and will be a conversation starter.

Pot 17cm. Height (inc pot) approximately 50 cm.

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