• Part of the pineapple family!
  • Colourful and stunning distinct flowers.
  • Makes a beautiful gift.
  • Pot size 12cm 

Special For Everyone

Tillandsia part of the Bromaelia family the tillandsia is available in a range of colours
with a matching ceramic pastel pot. Easy to care for and a lovely addition to any home,

or perfect present to add a splash of colour to a loved ones life. Part of the pineapple
family this beautiful flowering house plant adds a gorgeous splash of colour and will warm
any loved one up with it's alluring scent. Perfect to brighten someones day, show a loved
one you care with this colourful potted Guzmania Bromeliad, a present that will last forever. 






One eye-catching and contemporary way to display Bromeliads is without soil. 
Bromeliads are produced in a very environmentally friendly way, which can be a good
argument for choosing this plant, in view of the interest in sustainable living.



Our Plant of the Month March 2017


The plants are compact or extended, and grow concentrically from the leaf rosette. The
stem grows up from this funnel with beautifully coloured bracts, amongst which
unusual flowers emerge. The Bromeliads include species such as Pineapple, Guzmania, 
Vriesea, Aechmea and Tillandsia. The perfect plant family for a summery jungalow look.

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