Tropical Evergreen hanging basket - Mandevilla

  • Stays in flower nearly all year, from spring to christmas - Year after year. 

  • Striking large red trumpet shaped flowers and glossy leaves.

  • Ready made full of flowers,evergreen hanging basket - An instant use garden. 

  • A very easy to grow, non-fussy plant.


Bring the beauty of the tropics into your home with the Mandevilla’s lovely character.The Mandevilla is a gorgeous tropical plant that has brilliant glossy green leaves and large trumpet shaped flowers. The hanging basket will come full of flowers as seen in the image, a ready made evergreen basket. Mandevilla’s are easy to grow and are not fussy on conditions grown in, though during a severe winter they should be kept indoors as they are not fully hardy. They will flower most months of the year providing a vibrant hanging basket. Pot size approx 20cm, Height approx 35cm.

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