Tropical Evergreen Houseplant - Mandevilla

  • Striking large red trumpet shaped flowers and glossy leaves.

  • Stays in flower from spring through to autumn.

  • Wonderful birthday or new home gift - Gift pack options.

  • Well suited as a potted outdoor plant or a tropical houseplant.

  • Lovely Climbing Evergreen - Brilliant for covering eyesores.


Bring the beauty of the tropics into your home with the Mandevilla’s lovely character.The Mandevilla is a gorgeous tropical plant that has brilliant glossy green leaves and large trumpet shaped flowers. They make an excellent gift for birthdays and new homes, their beauty can brighten anyones day! We have a range of gift pack options and fast delivery to make sure that your gift is extra special.

A woody climbing evergreen that is native to Brazil can be the perfect way to add something warming to your home or garden. Mandevilla’s make lovely plants for patios, hanging baskets, conservatories and as an indoor plant. They are an excellent way to screen an eyesore and will bloom from spring through to autumn. A brilliant fast and easy growing climber that can brighten any home or garden.

Approx sizes: Pot 11cm, height 30cm

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