Extra Heavy Duty 3mm Edging

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“Extra Heavy Duty Easy Enviro” 3mm Best4garden Lawn edging.

  • Makes your garden look neat and tidy by adding a clean line to the lawn/path edge.

  • Great for strimmer and shear users as it is not corrugated.

  • 3mm thickness will last for 20 years or more.

  • Easy to install, flexible and strong.

  • Can be bent into any angle or curve to fit your garden.

  • Cuts to size and is maintenance free.

  • 100% safe as there are no sharp edges to harm children or pets.

  • Frost and UV resistant.

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic.


Lawn edgings that last for years

High quality 3mm lawn edging which is weather proof, meaning it will last longer.  Tried and tested to last for 20+ years.


Lawn edging that is easy to use

This Lawn edging is easy to cut and make into whatever shape your garden needs, however it is still strong and durable. It is far more flexible than wood or metal. These Long-lasting Strimmer-Resistant Edgings make it easy to create curves and corners to your lawn and borders. Saves more than 50% of your Lawn Edge maintenance time.



  • Around lawns to save time when cutting the edging and to keep the lawn with a nice clean line around it.

  • Use to create small beds around trees. It will protect them from being damaged by strimmer’s and will prevent damage to the lawn by tree roots.

  • Protect elements in the lawn, such as metal or wooden posts, by reducing the rate that they rot or rust from the turf moisture.

  • Gravel path edging and driveways edging.

  • In private or public gardens.

Best value for money

The edging is a product that will last for many years - the best value for money.

The 3mm Extra Heavy Duty is the toughest lawn edging, yet cost effective and nearly invisible.

Ideal for medium and large gardens

“Easy Enviro 3mm” will save hundreds of working hours, stop the back pain of using a strimmer - surely there are better things to do in your free time. 100% recycled plastic with low carbon foot-print made in Western Europe.

 Available roll sizes of “Extra Heavy Duty 3mm Easy Enviro” Lawn Edging:




  • 5m (16  ft)

  • 10m (32'8 ft)

  • 25m (82'6 ft)

  • 50m (165 ft)

  • 100m (328 ft)

  • 6inches (15 cm)

  • About 5inches (12 cm)

  • 4inches (10 cm)





Other Lawn edgings options

 “Easy Enviro 1mm” Lawn Edging:

  • Will last 10 – 15 years.

  • Great for shear users as it is not corrugated.

  • Ideal for lawns and to retain gravel.

  • Recommended and used by hundreds of professionals and in thousands of gardens.




  • 5m  (16 ft)

  • 10m (32'8 ft)

  • 25m  (82'6 ft)

  • 50m (165 ft)

  • 100m (328 ft)

  • 6inches (15 cm)

  • About 5inches (12 cm)

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Written by mike marks on 1st Aug 2016

Be prepared for pre-work !

Ordered the heavy duty to produce a large circular lawn. Unless you have perfect soil (no stones!!) be prepared to put in a lot of effort to prepare a trench to take the edging. Once fitted, I am confident that it will last a lot longer than me !!

Written by undefined on 31st Mar 2016


I want to edge an area of paving and beds. After reading comments from other purchasers I realised I needed something fairly robust. Via Amazon I came across your site and discovered you did supply 3mm thick edging, even in several colours which was even better. Only 1 tiny criticism, it would be very helpful if you could mention how to cut it in the description. I only found out after reading a lot of customer comments.