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70L EcoBarrow - The ergonomic wheelbarrow

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  • Practical and comfortable - Ergonomic handle design

  • Well balanced - Easier and lighter to move when full

  • Popular for use in farms, stables, allotments, gardens, building work and more

  • 70L Capacity - Design allows you to do more, in less time, with less pain

  • 5 year manufacturers guarantee - Top Quality tools - A top quality product by Lasher tools


Eco-barrows are a practical and comfortable variation of the wheelbarrow. The barrows have an ergonomic design, which focuses on the frame and handles. The handles are designed to fit the hand contour, for a comfortable grip even when fully loaded. Eco-barrows allow you to carry more, for longer, without experiencing the usual aching to shoulders, this is due to the wider and higher handles. The wheelbarrow is well balanced, making it much easier to work with and cutting down your workload. Popular uses include farm and stable environments, allotments and gardens.


More product information:

  • Lightweight and durable - Nylon Frame

  • Corrosion and rust resistant

  • All materials protected against colour fading

  • Easy clean, impact resistant pan

  • Shock absorbing tyres with wide tread - Easy to push


The frame is made from Nylon, providing a lightweight and extremely durable result. The frame also features grips on the areas making contact with the ground, to prevent slipping when using on slopes or hills. Eco-Barrows are corrosion and rust resistant, with only 8 bolts and the axle being made of metal.  

Eco-barrow pans are made from HDPE (High quality plastic) in a dark green shade. The pans are impact resistant, so no dents or buckling will occur. HDPE also has the added benefit of easy cleaning, as it prevents adhesion to the pan. All materials used on the barrows are UV stabilised, to prevent colour fading.

The wheelbarrows are supplied with pneumatic tyres, made from PVC Rubber to provide shock absorbency. A wide tyre tread makes pushing through mud or sand easy. The tyres also have bearings to allow for a smoother movement. The wheels are lightweight and rustproof, and have exceeded all impact and endurance industry tests.



Further information:

  • Flat packed

  • 5 year manufacturers guarantee

  • Tested with 110 kg load - required by British standards

  • 70L capacity


Please note that the Eco-Barrows are supplied in flat pack, and will need to be built. This can be done by simply bolting the frame and pan together, with just 8 bolts and attaching the wheels. This provided a quick and easy assembly, though instructions are also supplied.


The Eco-barrow comes with a 5 years manufacturers guarantee, and has won a number of awards. It has also been SABS approved, which is the equivalent to British Standards. The wheelbarrow has been tested at 110 kg as required by British Standard requirements, however it is estimated that 150-200 kg is a safe working load. The manufacturing of this product has a low environmental impact.


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