A Carnivorous Plant- Venus FlyTrap - Dionaea muscipula

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  • Attractive and unusual appearance.

  • Can be enjoyed by adults and children alike - Ideal present

  • Moving trap carnivorous plant. Famous plant.

 Did you know: It takes approximately 10 days for the Venus Flytrap to completely digest an insect, and reopen its trap



The venus flytrap is a fun and useful plant that will delight children and adults alike. Its attractive yet unusual nature makes it an interesting plant to own. They are relatively easy to grow and will eat small insects from around your home/office/classroom etc. Its a natural way to keep pestering flies under control. The Venus FlyTrap can become your very own pet, with the need for it to be occasionally fed and watered. It makes the ideal gift for all those wanting a pet without the time for a real one and is great for children to watch and learn from.

Pot size 9cm, height (inc pot) 12cm approx.

Can be bought as a single plant or set of 4. 




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