Apple of Love - Solanum Thurino Megaballs

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  • Adds a cheerful dash of colour all winter long.
  • Ideal for use indoor or out - Pots, Beds, Borders etc.
  • Stunning gift for any occasion, including Christmas and Birthdays!
  • Will bring a tropical touch to the colder months.
  • Available from December 2017 - Please note that only one plant is supplied


The Apple of Love is perfect for adding a cheerful dash of colour all winter long. Their orange berries are around for 2 - 3 months, following a blossom of flowers. Originally from South America, these Solanums are a tropical addition to your home or garden. Apple of Love are small shrubs with glossy leaves and round, shiny berries. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, from use as an indoor potted plant to being used in garden beds and borders. Solanums are ideal for use in formal gardens or as container plants or your patio or balcony. Although commonly known as the Apple of Love, they're actually related to potato and tomato plants, however their fruit is not edible.



Apples of Love are best suited to a light, cool spot indoors, away from full sun. During Late summer to early winter, Solanums can be kept on your patio or balcony. Regular watering is required, and shaping can be carried out after the plant has flowered.


Pot Diameter 13cm.

Height (inc pot) approximately 20cm.

Please note that the fruits are not edible.


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