Australian violet - Viola Hederacea

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  • Long Flowering Period - Spring to Autumn

  • Scented tiny Purple and White flowers

  • Ideal for borders, hanging baskets and shaded areas

  • Will thrive where other plants struggle

  • Needs protection from Harsh winters - Mostly Hardy.


The Australian Violet is an evergreen perennial with a Spring to Autumn flowering period. This Violet has scented tiny purple and white flowers, which grow on slender stalks; Contrasting this are mid-green leaves which are a kidney like shape, providing a trailing ground cover. Known as trouble-free little treasures, the Australian Violet is ideal for use in baskets, as ground cover in beddings and for use in shaded areas, where most plants struggle to thrive. The Violets are hardy to most winters, however will need protecting from the harsher frosts.


Pot size: 9cm


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