Baby Rubber Plant - Peperomia Obtusifolia - Pot 15cm

  • Ideal small tropical plant that can be kept on desks and windowsills.

  • Easy to grow and care for.

  • A lovely gift for any occasion - Gift Pack and card options avaliable.

  • Helps to purify air from household/office pollutions.

The Baby Rubber Plant is an attractive houseplant that is an ideal addition to desks, tables and all rooms. Peperomia’s are tropical plants with solid green glossy leaves with cone-shaped flower spikes. An ideal plant for small spaces, terrariums and windowsills, they are sure to brighten any space. Rubber plants are easy to care for and grow in a compact form that makes them easy to contain. A further bonus is their air filtering properties that will help to purify air from chemicals. Peperomia’s make a lovely gift for birthdays, thank yous and get well soons.

Pot size 15cm, Height (inc pot) 25cm approx.


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