Best4Garden Mini Ferns mix

  • Ideal for use in rockeries, terrariums and fairy gardens

  • Adds colour and texture to rooms

  • Very easy to look after

  • Great for small gifts, such as thank you, wedding favours and birthdays.

  • Four plants are supplied. Please note varieties may vary from shown and may be duplicated depending on availability.


This mini fern mix is ideal for using in rockeries, terrariums, fairy gardens and as potted decoration. Their small size, makes the ferns ideal for keeping on tables, windowsills, shelves and desks. The mix adds texture and colour to any home or garden. Ferns are easy to care for, making them suitable for all skill levels. The mix provides a range of green tones and many leaf shapes. Once potted these little Ferns will make stunning gifts for birthdays, parties, wedding favours and thank you’s.


Please note that four ferns are supplied, but variety may vary from shown.

Pot size 6cm

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