Collection of Small Fern plants in White Metal Pots

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  • Decorative planter with small fern variety

  • Ideal for growing in bathrooms, kitchens and offices

  • Refreshing minimalist gift for any occasion

  • Please see description below for information regarding pack sizes and varieties.

  • Pot Diameter: 6cm


The metallic potted fern lace-like cream pot with a decorative fern inside. These are ideal for growing in shady humid rooms, such as bathrooms, kitchens and offices. The minimal looks will provide just the right amount of colour to brighten up anywhere. Metallic Pot Ferns make refreshing gifts for Birthdays, Thank you’s and more!


Available in 5 varieties as follows:

  1. Boston Swordfern / Nephrolepis Exaltata Fluffy Ruffle: Unique foliage with arching, wavy-edged fronds. Medium green to slightly yellowed colouring.

  2. Nephrolepis Exaltata Marisa: Fine delicate foliage with a lacy appearance. Light green leaflets and trailing foliage for a decorative addition.

  3. Sickle Fern / Pellaea Falcata: Tufted appearance with dark green fronds. These have a red underside and have an arching overlapping look.

  4. New Zealand cliff brake / Button Fern / Pellaea Rotundifolia: Compact, nearly flat rosette of fronds. Fronds are lined with button shaped leathery leaflets, against a pink scaled stem.

  5. Pteris Quadriaurita: Glossy fronds which are bright red when new, turning to bronze with age, before finally maturing to a dark green. Ideal for adding a range of colours to a room.


Please note that varieties included will be selected at random and may include duplicates of some and none of others. Plants and containers may vary slightly from time to time.

Packages of 1, 2, 3 or 4 plants are available.

If you select the option of 1 only a single plant will arrive, not one set as seen in the image. If you select the option of 4 only four plants will arrive, not four sets.

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