Coral Bead Plant Bowl - Nertera Astrid

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  • Large Collection of plants providing a cute tropical look with round orange berries.

  • Ideal gift for homes, offices and birthdays.

  • Unusual looks are sure to strike interest.

  • Provided in a plastic white pot - Adds a subtle touch of colour to rooms. 


The Bead Plant is a semi tropical plant that has a dense growth of tiny dark green leaves. It flowers in the early summer producing small greenish-white star flowers followed by small round orange berries. Their berries last for a long time and really make this plant interesting.The Nertera Astrid is an unusual looking ornamental plant that grows in a thick mat of tiny, dark green leaves on intertwining stems. This compact foliage and interesting plant makes an ideal gift for homes, birthdays and desks, its unusual looks are sure to strike interest.

Pot size is 21cm and height is approximately 20cm (inc pot).


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