Decorative Tomato Trio Gift Set

£5.99 £9.99
  • Ideal for Kitchens, Conservatories and Window-sills.

  • Special gift for Tomato-Lovers, Cooks and Gardeners.

  • Bright vibrant colours - Will add interest wherever kept.

  • Easy to care plant that is great as an indoor or outdoor plant - Will need protection from frosts.

Tomato Plants make ideal presents for all Tomato lovers, Cooks and Gardeners. Their vibrant colours and interesting shapes makes for a very eye-catching plant. Our Tomato's are for decorative use only. Home grown Tomato’s produce excellent colours and scents making them an extra special gift. Tomato’s are relatively easy to care for plants, that need simply protecting from frosts. They are ideal for growing as a potted plant, in kitchens, conservatories, window-sills and greenhouses.




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