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Deluxe Lopping Bypass Shears

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  • Ideal for use on rose bushes, twigs and small branches - Max branch diameter 25mm

  • Bright yellow handles - Easy to find when left on the ground

  • Lightweight with reinforced steel for a long lasting product

  • PVC Grip on handles for more comfortable use

  • Top Quality tools - A top quality product by lasher tools


The deluxe lopping bypass shears are ideal for pruning rose bushes, twigs and other branches with a maximum diameter of 25mm. These lopping shears have yellow long handles, with a PVC Grip. The shears are reinforced for a longer lasting product, which are only 1kg, making them light and easy to work with. The yellow handles make the tool easy to find when left on the ground, whilst also making them eye-catching.


Weight: 1kg

Maximum branch diameter: 25mm


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