Fast Grow Seaweed Tomato and Vegetable Fertiliser - (10kg)

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  • Encourages rapid and strong root growth in plants

  • Easy to carry bag- Helps with mobility

  • Helps to promote worm activity in your soil and binds soil particles together

  • Shown to be more effective than liquid tomato feed

  • Reduces pesticides and diseases in your plants


This fertiliser contains seaweed and chicken manure, both of which encourage rapid and strong root growth in plants, grows higher crops and has been shown to be more effective than liquid tomato feed. The chicken manure also contains calcium, which helps your plants ward away toxins. This fertiliser promotes and encourages microbial and worm activity in the soil, which binds soil particles together and improves tilth, leaving your garden full of better quality soil. Also, the fertiliser helps plants deal in overly wet/dry conditions, alongside plants that may be in low light. Kick start your growing today.




-Apply 150g to tomato plant (or any flowering or fruiting plant) when new growth appears and then every 6-8 weeks throughout the growing season.

-For general garden areas apply 150g per square metre every 6-8 weeks during the season.

- for planting apply 150g per plant into a planting hole or plot.


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