Citrus Lime 'Finger' Tree – Unique Caviar Limes Delightfully Decorative Quaint Feature for your Home

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  • Beautifully Scented Citrus Lime Tree, leaves your home smelling fresh!
  • Unique fruit that's inside resemble caviar, and known as favourable addition to many recipes.
  • Zest up your life and take me home today!
  • Comes already bearing fruit.
  • Pot Size 24 cm.




Easy Care Beautiful Harvest


Citrus Lime 'Finger' Tree's make a beautiful touch to any home! They are easy to grow, relatively simple to maintain and will give you a lovely and interesting addition to your annual harvest, with beautifully scented leaves that thrive all year round and delicate pink flowers. Comes already bearing fruit. As with most Citrus plants frost prevention is ideal for the colder months, this plant is hardy up to 0 degrees. This tree can be placed anywhere, preferably somewhere with a lot of sunlight.




 Their Roots


The Citrus Lime Caviar Tree, also known as Citrus Australasica, is native to wild Australia, and only recently has been cultivated commercially. It's insides resemble Caviar, that's where its name stems from! Great touch at any dinner party and aesthetically beautiful for any plant lover, the Lime Finger tree is definitely one of a kind. 




 Now We're Cooking


There are many benefits to this beautiful plant, but the edible fruit makes it one of the most interesting in the citrus family. The flavor is a lemon lime combination with herbaceous undertones. This fruit makes a quintessential ingredient for any meal, raw or cooked, added to the side of any fish dish or complementing the chicken in your favourite Piri-Piri recipe.


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