Citrus Limetta Rossa – Lime Tree that keeps Giving Adding a Splash of the Mediterranean to Your Home

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  • Limettas are similar to common limes but the distinctive orange colour that sets them apart.
  • Perfect for homemade lemonade, baking and general cooking  
  • Ideal small fruit plant gift for any occasion
  • The self-fertile plant is hardy but requires frost protection
  • Any pruning that is required is best done late Autumn when the tree is dormant.
  • Pot size 21 cm


Ever wanted to make your own lemonade? This plant comes with already growing edible citrus fragranced fruit and perfumed flowers. This tree would make a welcome addition to any home, giving you a splash of the Mediterranean right here. Confusingly this plant is sometimes known as the Sweet Lime! A gift that keeps on giving, Lime trees make excellent gifts for you or for others. They offer a simple decoration to your home or workplace, and with the striking and unusual orange coloured fruit and citrus smelling leaves it adds fresh smells, colour and style to any room. It is an easy to grow plant, which you can't go wrong with.



The plant is already matured with fruits. Unlike most fruit trees, the lime tree is designed to allow you to keep the fruits on the tree for more than 6 months - so you can pick it when you want to use it. These plants don’t tolerate sudden changes in temperature, and although they can survive in the cold it is best to keep them in a warm covered environment. With many benefits to this lime tree it makes it one of our must have additions to any home.


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